New York Open Studio

Works in Progress

Sunday night, I just wanted to stay inside it was soooo cold, but I am glad I didn’t. I went to the Gavin Brown Gallery, where it was warm and cozy and filled with art lovers. Everyone had gathered to see Jutta Koether, a German born artist, critic and musician. She had a painting on display that coincided with a video by a current German graduate student, and Jutta also read from her own writings. I enjoyed Jutta’s writing the best. It was very unscripted and from the heart. It sounded like it could have been her own thoughts as she struggled to make a painting.

To see more on Jutta Koether:




I am very lucky to be able to intern for Pierogi. This gallery is located in Brooklyn and is just a 20 minute commute on the subway from the area where I live (and where my studio is).

The first opening I attended in New York was at Pierogi. The featured artists were Tony Fitzpatrick and Chan Kok Hooi. Here is a link to their work and some information about them. It was a great show! It is so much fun to be able to meet the artists associated with Pierogi. They are not only extremely talented, but they are very nice too. That’s refreshing!


Studio Work

Here’s a peak at what I have started in the studio. It is likely the finish product will look nothing like this. I use multiple layers and sometimes cover over what I have painted on for hours! I like to use remnants of the past painting as a foundation for the new paintings on top. I make decisions about this as I go and do not start with a planned out composition. I like the idea of letting go something in order to gain something better, even if there is struggle involved. ESPECIALLY if there is struggle involved. The paintings are often parallel to my personal life experience. I try to capture the feeling or idea that I have, but try to leave many interpretations and mystery.

New York Sightseeing!

My favorite restaurant in NY so far is Freeman’s. I went there for brunch and nothing has topped it so far. Yes, even the pizza! Although that is very good too and I have had my share of that!

I had a chance to see the famed Rocketts! They were great!

The first day the quarter started, I decided to go to the Guggenheim to see the Kandinsky show. The show was fabulous and showed most of his works spiraling around 8 floors. Here are a couple of pictures of the building above and some pictures I took on the street.

My studio is located in the Elizabeth Fountdation for the Arts. There is a pic of my studio (before I have started any painting!) and a picture of the view outside of the window.

New York City!!!

Hey Everybody!

Most of you know I am in New York City this quarter. I go to graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design. I study painting, and I am very fortunate to be able to soak in all of the great artwork and culture NY has to offer while I use SCAD’s studio space on West 39th street. I am also doing an internship at a great gallery in Brooklyn called Pierogi 2000. Here is there website:  http://www.pierogi2000.com/

I am going to post a few pictures of my first few adventures here. I hope you will help me to make this blog fun! Leave comments and ask questions please!

I miss my friends and the faculty at SCAD. I hope you are doing well in Savannah! I hear it is colder in Savannah than it is here! I’m so sorry! What a joke!

This was my first morning in New York! I stayed with a friend in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He lived right next to the park and it was covered with snow. I thought this pharmacy was really picturesque. I do not think I have seen snow since the 8th grade. It has snowed a couple of times since then! Burrrr!

I had a great start in New York City. Some friends from high school were visiting, and we had a great time celebrating the New Year. Thomas Gregory and I got a chance to go to the Museum of Modern Art! It was fabulous. Tim Burton had an installation there, but there were so many people there that day that the exhibition was sold out. They also had a Bauhaus Exhibit that was pretty cool. Check out how many people were at the museum.